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Did you know?

96% – 100% attendance = many children achieve this giving them the best chance of success.

90% attendance = your child has missed 4 weeks of the school year!  By the time they leave school they may have lost a full year of their education!

80% attendance = Your child is missing more than half a term each year!  By the time they leave school they may have lost 2 years of their education!!

Late arrivals

Parents must:

  • Ensure their child arrives for school at 8.55am prompt.  Registers close at 9.15am.
  • Inform school of any relevant factors that could affect their child’s punctuality.

Lateness is monitored very closely by the school, lateness affects the pupils far more than you probably realise, below is some pupil voice on the effect lateness has on them:

Year 4 Pupil

“I feel confused when I’m late because I don’t know what I’m doing in my lesson.”

Year 5 pupil

“When I’m late I feel sad as I will miss out on my lesson.”

Year 5 pupil

“I’m embarrassed when I’m late as I’m the last one there.”


Holidays taken during term time.

Please refrain from taking any family holidays during term time.  Holidays in term time will NOT be authorised.  It is our intention to refer your case to The Local Authority if your child has an unauthorised absence during term time.  We strongly believe any absence from school will have a detrimental effect on your child’s education.

Penalty Notice Charges have been issued from the LA during this academic year for unauthorised holidays.

Did you know that 13 weeks out of the 52 weeks in the year are school holidays!