Composition of the Governing Body

1 Head Teacher

1 Staff Governor

4 Co-opted governors

1 Local Authority Governor



Members of the Governing Body

Cllr Anne Hetherington LEA Governor – Chair

Mrs Harriet Judd Co -opted Governor

Mrs Lesley Martin Head Teacher

Mr John Hetherington Co-opted Governor – Chair of Resources

Mrs Abbi Adair Co-opted Governor

Mr Douglas Mather Vice Chair

Ms Lucinda Mensforth – Staff Governor


If you wish to contact any of our school Governors, please email and mark the email to the attention of the necessary Governor.


Structure and Terms of Office

Name Category Appointing Body Terms of Office Committees (if associate member has voting rights) Official responsibility
Ms Abbi Adair Co-opted Governing Board 07/07/2020– 06/07/2024
Mr Douglas Mather Co-opted Governing Board 13/09/2017- 12/03/2021
John Hetherington Co-opted Governing Board 04/03/2019-03/03/2023 Resources Committee
Mrs Lesley Martin Head Teacher By Virtue of position 01/09/2016 Resources & Curriculum committee
Cllr Anne Hetherington LEA Local Authority 17/09/2018-16/09/2022 Resources & Curriculum Committee


Performance Review

Chair of Governors
Mrs Harriett Judd Co-opted Governing Board 18/05/2019-17/05/2024 Resources Committee Vice Chair of Governors
Ms Lucinda Mensforth Staff Governor Staff 06/11/2018-05/11/2022



Details of pecuniary and personal interests of the Governing Board

Name Category Nature of Interest Date Interest Registered
Abbi Adair Co-opted None 19 – 09 – 18
John Hetherington Co-opted None 19 – 09 – 18
Douglas Mather Co-opted None 19 – 09 – 18
Lucinda Mensforth Staff Governor None 19 – 09 – 18
Lesley Martin Head Teacher None 19 – 09 – 18
A Hetherington LEA STMBC 19 – 09 – 18
Harriet Judd Parent None 19 – 09 – 18

Governor attendance 2017-2018

Governor information and register of interests-2020-21