The Welfare Team consists of Mrs Jane Thompson- Safeguarding and Attendance Officer and Mrs Lesley Martin – Head Teacher

If you’re having difficulty getting your child to school regulary and on time Mrs Thompson may be able to help you in a number of ways:

  • Home visits
  • Help with home routines
  • Referring you and your family to appropriate agencies/services that may be able to help with problems you are experiencing.


Parents must:

  • Ensure their child attends regularly, on time, and ready to learn.
  • Keep requests for their child to an absolute minimum.
  • Inform school that their child is absent on the first day of absence and a note on the first day back to school.  If contact is not made, Jane Thompson will call to establish a reason of absence.  This information is recorded for future reference.
  • Inform school of any relevant factors that could affect their child’s attendance.
  • Work closely with Jane Thompson and The Local Authority’s Attendance Team to resolve any problems that may impede their child’s attendance.
  • Provide school with up to date contact information and parental responsibility.


Strategies for Supporting Continued Improved Attendance.

  • Bronze/Silver/Gold certificates at the end of term/year
  • Termly ‘Attend to Achieve’ weeks
  • ‘100 Club’ Prizes at the end of term
  • Cinema trip for our 100% attenders + £5 gift voucher
  • The Attendance Cup Race and Attendance cup encourages healthy competition between the classes and indeed the teachers. ‘Poppy the Bear’ is also an extra incentive and the class winning Poppy take her out to play for an extra ten minutes
  • Whole School Assemblies
  • Attendance Passport Scheme for children with poor attendance
  • Termly attendance certificates sent to parents – to keep parents up to date with their child’s attendance
  • Monthly attendance under 85%- letters sent to parents
  • Reason of absence letters
  • Home School Liaison Officer to ring pupil residence if absent
  • Monthly monitoring of attendance of each individual pupil
  • Home visits
  • Regular meetings with The attendance Monitoring Team (LA)

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Outside Agencies.

We refer and work along side various agencies including the School Nurse Team, The Children’s Centres, Young Carer’s Project, Women’s Health in South Tyneside (W.H.I.S.T), Community Children and Young People’s Services (CYPS), Services for Young People, Tyne Gateway Trust – Lad’s and Dad’s Project and Family Entrepreneurs, Emotional Resilience Group and more.