This is the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping them to engender an appreciation of human achievement and creativity.

It is ‘outside their daily experience’ – consider how you’re preparing our children to live and thrive in culturally and ethnically diverse modern Britain.
Making sure we give every child a chance to access a wealth of experiences through a variety of ways
Enriching children and young people’s experiences to learn from a variety of cultures
Being different and celebrating the differences of us all
Respect and appreciate others and learn from them.
• Tolerance
• Accepting others
• Diversity including our faiths and religions
• History of our country
• Giving our children as many possible experiences as possible both inside and outside school

International Days/Week – each class studies a different area/country in the world.
Studying other aspects of the world – traditions, food, cultures, Art, …..
Being part of the community – raising money for charity and helping others (foodbanks)
Sporting activities – including competitive events.

Other opportunities in school, Gardening Club, Yoga and Mindfulness, Forest School, Orienteering, Outdoor Activities Week.
Pupil’s Personal Development, the school’s PSHE curriculum, fundraising activities within school, House Competitions, ‘Bee Healthy Week’, Diversity Week, E-Safety Week, World Mental Health Day, International Week, Fair Trade Week,
School offers a variety of clubs – either provided by external providers or by the staff in school; Basketball, Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Athletics, Tennis, Spanish, Choir, Eco-Club, Science Club, Maths and Problem Solving Club.