How being involved in sport has helped our pupils outlook, academic work and physical abilities…

These are the views of some of the children, who have represented our school in various events this academic year. As you can see this is having a massive positive effect on the children and their confidence.


Since being involved in sport I feel really confident and I’ve developed my skills learning how to play new games.

Charlie Bates


My concentration has improved in lessons and my speed at getting things done too. In sport my balance, shooting and jumping performances have got much better.

Haiden Jones


Being involved in basketball has made me feel better about myself than I was before. I just want to keep doing it now and improve in all areas.

Brooke Urwin


I loved Cross Country – I feel fitter and ready to work and learn in my lessons.

Elli Lowdon


I’ve learnt never to give up and persevere even when the going gets tough – both in sport and in my class work. I believe in myself much more than before competing for Stanhope!

Robbie Frame


I feel happier than ever now I’ve ran for our school in a competition, my fitness improved and I am proud to be part of the team. I’m healthier for having trained with Mr Rogers, also my technique improved too. My focus is better in class when I’m doing my work.

Alexa Reid


Doing athletics with Mr Rogers has had a positive effect: I have confidence; I’m healthier and now eat more healthily; I want to practise more and more to get better at it too. I know I can do it and try to think this way when I get stuck on work in class I’ll give it a go now.

Carlie Pedley


Overall my focus is the thing that has improved the most for me since I did basketball training with Mr Rogers. I am more confident, plus my skills when playing, such as shooting, dribbling and passing have got much better.

Shay Capstick


As a member of the A team in basketball it is the best opportunity of my life – basically I have learnt new skills, Mr Rogers has made me more confident and helped me to get my shots on target now. He’s taught me how to dribble; now I can do things on my own in maths and English without needing his help. He’s the best coach and teacher anyone could ask for – thank you.

Ethan Wardle


As a member of lots of sports teams at Stanhope I feel so proud of myself as I’ve achieved things I thought I couldn’t. This includes: speed, agility and most of all confidence. My heart is healthy and fitness keeps improving the more I practise with Mr Rogers. I now have more energy that helps me push myself in class all day long and give of my best.

Maddison Fontaine


As a member of the athletics and basketball teams I am happier than ever achieving my goals! My fitness has improved; I’m healthier, developing confidence and skills like sprinting technique. I am dedicated to giving up time to do these events and due to all of these things my focus in all of my work has been extended further. I am more independent in my learning and this work is way better than before!

Erika Judd


Joining in with sports at school helps to keep me healthy. I have learnt how to warm up and cool down properly and that is good for my muscles.

Joining in with sporting activities also helps me to concentrate in class when I need to sit down for a lesson.

James Guest


Exercise is good for my heart, if I exercise a lot it will help my heart to beat properly. I enjoy running as it makes me feel happy, especially if I come first!

Faye Reah


When you play sport, you’re keeping your blood healthy.

My heart can beat really fast but that is good because I know that there is oxygen there. My favourite sport is tennis but id like to be just like one of the Newcastle Eagles and play basketball.

Bailey Wright


Joining in with sporting activities at school helps to keep me fit. I love all sports but my favourite is athletics because it challenges me and makes me try harder and be better.

Mr Rogers is a good role model because he loves sport too and always encourages us to do our best.

Katie Williamson


I absolutely love sports. It makes me feel happy and I get to spend time outside in the fresh air with friends. Mostly it keeps you active and healthy, its exciting trying lots of different sports to find out what you’re good at. My favourite is athletics.

Kaiden Alberts


Taking part in different sports helps you to stay healthy, fit and strong.

It is also a lot of fun; you don’t always have to be perfect at a certain sport. It isn’t about being the best at everything, Mr Rogers has always told us being part of a team and working together at something is important.

I feel really proud of that.

Jessica Paul


I mostly like winning medals because I really like to make my mam and Mr Rogers proud of me. I love that feeling when you get to stand up in assembly because you’ve won a sports competition. Playing sports is lots of fun too, I like to be outside and just forget about everything apart from the sport you are competing in.

Jack Reah


Sport helps keep you fit and active, it is so much better than watching TV or doing nothing!

When you run, your worries can be forgotten. If you worry when you run they can weigh you down and it affects your performance. Sport is good for clearing your mind of any bad things that may be in there.

Ellie Meston




I loved the athletics tournament because I felt part of a team. Before this I developed many skills with Mr Rogers and realise the importance of team work. Doing this keeps me healthy and fit. I can keep calm under pressure and have to say competing was exhilarating – I appreciate the opportunity provided to me and to come 3rd at our first attempt was superb!

Evie Harle


Representing the school has changed me! I’m more confident in my abilities and myself. Getting out and seeing children from other schools has made a difference in a good way – my friendships have blossomed and my skills too. Now I will keep pushing myself in all of my work to improve further too.

Francesca McFadyen


Doing athletics has helped me keep my focus more in class when completing any task. It’s great to do something for the school – representing them. Both my fitness and learning has been raised further. Thank you Mr Rogers.

Kara Wilde


Being involved in athletics and cross country has helped my fitness, I’ve gained skills and made me realise how good I am at sports. The experiences were amazing – the feeling inside was indescribable.

Lucas Dunn


I love athletics because it keeps me fit and healthy. To think what I was like in the beginning to how much I’ve come on so much is unbelievable. I’m more determined that ever in class to do well because of this. I’ve developed friendships at the events. I couldn’t have learnt these skills and been so confident without Mr Rogers’ brilliant and inspiring help.

Abbie Saunders


I feel more alive now that I’m doing school sport! It keeps me really fit, helps me to focus in class and my work is getting better because of this!

Kai Muir

I now realise that some sports aren’t just for boys. I’ve loved doing the basketball as I’m more confident and feel this way in maths and English too. I can get organised with work and on the court in a position to shoot or defend. I’ve learnt so many skills and rules to make me a good basketball player. I now give my best in everything I do, working as a team on the pitch and now as a class.

Shelbi Walker