Stanhope’s governors attend a wide range of training courses throughout the year that have been provided by either the school, the Local Authority or through GEL online training. In doing so, this has allowed the governing body develop their knowledge and understanding of not only how an effective school should progress and be managed but also the important issues around pupil safety and development.

Some examples of training undertaken include: Safeguarding, Assessment without levels, Health and Safety, Role of Governor in monitoring and evaluating schools, induction for new governors, pupil premium, Looked after Children, as well as Chair and Vice Chair briefing sessions.

With this knowledge we are able to ask challenging questions of the Head Teacher, staff and local authority when making important decisions and monitoring progress.  It also enables us to carry out valuable link visits to the school to monitor and question progress against the School Development Plan and just as important, our pupil’s and staff’s motivation, development and happiness.