We know that good mental health allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults. This highlights the fact that Mental Health is ongoing with a need to develop outside of school as well as in school.


Every child here at Stanhope Primary is invited to seek additional assistance via our very own Virtual Mindful Moment Classroom. It is our aim to provide information, advice and engaging activities to ensure our children receive extensive Mental Health support, whenever it is needed. (Info already on website Re logging on to Google classroom).

Accessing Google Classroom

There are many services in South Tyneside which children and parents can access when in need. 


The Lifecycle Service is a single point of contact for anyone living in South Tyneside who is experiencing mental health issues. You can contact Lifecycle directly, and they will make sure that you get support from the best place. If you are 16 or over, you can contact Lifecycle yourself. If you are under 16, please ask a parent or carer to contact them for you. Find out what the service offers and how to contact them, at Lifecycle Service.

Who to contact in an emergency?

The attached document indicates Mental Health and Wellbeing Support available for children and young people in England. The NHSE, DfE, PHE have collaborated on this as a resource to be used by staff, parents and young people.

Adult and Children’s Services

Intensive Community Treatment Service (ICTS) – Support with serious mental health concerns. The ICTS can support with:

  • Significant emotional and/or psychological distress,
  • Suicide threats, intention to commit suicide, or actual attempts to commit suicide,
  • Significant increase in risky behaviours, which may cause serious harm or death to yourself or others,
  • Serious overdose threats
  • Serious self-harming behaviours


Under 16 years old: 0191 566 5500        Over 16 years old: 0303 123 1145


Xenzone delivered a session to our Y6 class and their parents in February 2019. Our families were informed about the Kooth website that has created a safe online wellbeing community which has fully trained counsellors monitoring the site. This is a great resource that our families can access during free time in school or anytime outside of school.

Kooth Online Mental Health Community


Escape Intervention Service – offers counselling and support groups for mental health issues including: bereavement, domestic violence, family issues, anxiety, substance misuse, gambling, victim of abuse, anger management, divorce and self-harm. Offers complementary therapies and support for parents.

Escape Intervention Service