Yesterday 31 pupils from KS2 competed at Temple Park Leisure Centre in the South Tyneside Cross Country Finals.

Each child completed in their respective year group events, comprising of between 80 and 100 children from various schools in the borough.

All of our children, performed well, working hard and demonstrating great determination.

Outstanding performers were:

Cassie Howard (Y4) who lead from the very start and was never headed. She stormed to a convincing victory, she is a great talent with so much potential for the future.

Another highlight was Uzair Rana (Y3), Seren Shaw (Y3) & Alexa Reid (Y5) who all finished in 4th place.

Other Top 10 finishers included:
Ruby Sharp (Y4) 6th, Given Mbila (Y4) 6th, Brooke Urwin (Y6) 7th, Ryan Smith (Y3) 8th, Riley O’Sullivan (Y4) 9th, Shari Viney (Y5) 9th & Kara Osman (Y4) 10th.

The Y3 Boys Team were Winners of their age category which is fantastic for them as it was their first competition representing Stanhope.

The Y3 Girls, Y4 Boys and Y4 Girls were all 2nd in their team categories. The Y5 Girls were 6th and Y5 Boys, Y6 Girls and Y6 Boys all finished 10th.

We therefore finished as 3rd overall team scoring 464 points.

I am so proud of all of you. Every mile counts…🎖😁


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