Learning to spell is tremendously useful if we want children to become confident writers. When we ask children to write, we are asking them to call upon many skills and children who struggle to spell, may find it difficult to organise their thoughts to produce a high quality piece of work. It is also true that children will be inclined to limit their vocabulary choices if they have limited spelling skills.

At Stanhope, we believe that providing our children with the spelling strategies to enable them to be confident and more adventurous in their word choices is essential. To enable this, each classroom has displayed year group appropriate support and lessons are carefully planned to ensure that every child is given the best opportunities to develop their spelling skills.

In school, Year 1 to Year 6 follow the Rising Stars Spelling Scheme. Weekly sessions are delivered weekly to meet the National Curriculum objectives for each year group. The children in Key Stage One and Two, will receive spellings every week to learn at home. These are tested at the end of the week during a spelling test in the classroom. Spellings are in line with the National Curriculum and the Statutory Spellings Lists.

Year 1 spelling overview

Year 2 spelling overview

Year 3 spelling overview

Year 4 spelling overview

Year 5 spelling overview

Year 6 spelling overview



Statutory Spellings Lists for Years 1-6:

Download (PDF, 34KB)

Download (PDF, 32KB)

Download (PDF, 32KB)