At Stanhope Primary, we teach weekly spelling lessons using the Rising Stars Spelling scheme. Children from Year One to Year Six are taught and practise all the statutory word lists within lively sessions. Every child is supported as they progress from phonics with a rigorous learning pathway that builds knowledge year on year. We ensure spelling teaching is fun and enjoyable and allow opportunities for the children to explore spellings in context. 

The children in Key Stage One and Two, will receive spellings every week to learn at home. These are tested at the end of the week during a spelling test in the classroom. Spellings are in line with the National Curriculum and the Statutory Spellings Lists.

Year 1 spelling overview

Year 2 spelling overview

Year 3 spelling overview

Year 4 spelling overview

Year 5 spelling overview

Year 6 spelling overview



Statutory Spellings Lists for Years 1-6:

Download (PDF, 34KB)

Download (PDF, 32KB)

Download (PDF, 32KB)