It is expected by The Department of Education, South Tyneside Local Authority and school that all children access work through this mandatory school closure period. The Government have issued laptops to disadvantaged children in years 3 – 6 (KS2), and those laptops are to be used daily to complete work set by your child’s class teacher. It is the parents/carers responsibility to ensure their child is completing work on a daily basis. Please ensure this is done.
Your child’s class teacher will make weekly calls to parents/carers to speak to the children. This is to offer any support/help with the online work that has been set, and a general check to make sure the children are safe and well.
If parents/carers have any queries, they can contact their child’s class teacher directly. Teachers/office staff will reply to emails DURING work hours – 8.00am and 5.00pm. Please do not email staff outside of those hours.
Your support with these requests are greatly appreciated. We hope you are all keeping safe and well.
All the staff at Stanhope Primary School