Dear Parents and Carers
Please see below the necessary information required for the reopening of Stanhope Primary School on Monday March 8th 2021. We are all looking forward to see you all again.
Our procedures are the same as they were for the Autumn Term.
Staggered arrival times – gates will open from 8.45am and close at 9am. Parents to drop their children and go.
Staggered collections times – gates open at 3pm and parents will be asked to follow the one way system.
Parents and carers of siblings (more than one child) will be invited on to premises first. This is the same system that the school used in the Autumn Term.
Children in primary school do not need to wear masks.
Hands are to be cleaned thoroughly and more often than usual.
When children arrive at school, when they return from breaks, if they change rooms, before and after eating.
Bubbles/Classes are to be maintained.
Staggered breaks and lunch times.
No parents on site unless an appointment has been made.
Those Key Stage 2 pupils, who pay for lunches, can bring packed lunches into school.
Bags are allowed into school but the amount of resources being brought into school should be checked and limited by parents and carers.
Children will be expected to wear uniform, but on designated PE days, children need to attend school dressed in their correct PE kit.
School attendance is mandatory, it is expected from the Local Authority and Government that children attend school. School will support families who are anxious about the reopening of schools.
Breakfast Club will resume Monday 8th March 2021
Designated PE Days
Year 6 – Tuesday and Wednesday
Year 5 – Tuesday
Year 4 – Monday
Year 3 – Thursday
Year 2 – Wednesday
Year 1- Monday
Reception – Friday
Nursery – Friday
Collection times
Parents of siblings – 3pm
Year 1 and Year 2 – 3.05pm
Year 3 and Year 4 – 3.10pm
Year 5 and Year 6 – 3.15pm
Thank you