On Wednesday 1st March 12 pupils from Y5 and Y6 competed at St. Joseph’s RC Academy, Hebburn in the South Tyneside finals.


Our 4 teams competed with fabulous team spirit and sportsmanship against 24 other teams – with the aim of reaching the Tyne and Wear County Finals at the end of the month.


The focus and commitment from our teams was second to none, while they were all very determined to succeed during their games, talking and communicating with one another at a skilled level. Our team 1 and 3 topped their groups to qualify for the semi-finals, while team 2 finished in 2nd place and team 4 in 3rd place within their groups to just miss out on reaching the last 4 knock-out stage.


Here Stanhope 1 were paired against Forest View Primary, they advanced to the final, winning 3-1. In the second semi-final Stanhope 3 played a very competitive match against Harton Primary – they were victorious also winning 2-1.


Therefore both of our teams would meet one another in the grand final! A spectacular achievement for our school and the pupils.

After the first end Stanhope 1 led 1-0, however with the final shot of the match Bakhtawar Hayer (Captain) of Stanhope 3 hit a wonderfully precise shot to secure a 3-1 win for his team.


Well done to everyone that took part on the day and for all of your hard work and time when practising for the competition (it was worth it). The teams consisting of: Stanhope 3 — Bakhtawar Hayer, Evie Harle and Tyler Thompson (GOLD) and Stanhope 1 — Kai Muir (Captain), Lucas Dunn and TJ Ridley (SILVER)  will now play at the county finals on March 28th.


This promises to be a momentous event for our school, having never previously qualified for a county final. I’m extremely proud.


Mr Rogers




St.Aloysius B    WON 2-0

Forest View D    WON 3-1

Ridgeway A    DREW 2-2

Dunn Street C    WON 3-0

Harton B   LOST 0-2

+10   -5    12 points 1st (through to Semi-Final)


Ridgeway C    DREW 1-1

Harton D    WON 4-1

Hadrian A   WON 5-0

Dunn Street A    WON 3-2

Forest View B  LOST 0-2

+13  -6    12 points 2nd


St.Aloysius A    WON 2-1

Forest View C    WON 6-0

Ridgeway D    WON 2-0

Dunn Street B    WON 4-1

Harton A   DREW 2-2

+16   -4    14 points 1st (through to Semi-Final)


St.Aloysius C    WON 2-1

Forest View A   LOST 0-3

Ridgeway B   LOST 0-2

Hadrian B   WON 4-1

Harton C   WON 2-0

+8   -7    11 points 3rd

Semi Finals

  Stanhope 1     3 – 1     Forest View 

       Stanhope 3      2 – 1     Harton Primary


3rd/4th Place Final

      Forest View     5 – 0    Harton Primary 

1st/2nd Place Final

  Stanhope 3     3 – 1     Stanhope 1

Stanhope’s Team 3 and Team 1 have both now qualified for the

Tyne and Wear County Finals on March 28th!

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