Two teams from Stanhope qualified for the County Summer School Games Finals at Silksworth Sports Complex. We had a team in the Y3/4 Tennis and the Y3/4 Athletics competitions. It was a joy to see all of our pupils working so hard, enjoying the competition and being wonderful sports.

At the beginning of the day, the children listened to an inspirational speech by Team GB Olympian Montell Douglas. She spoke about his great journey to becoming an Olympian, after overcoming serious injury problems. Montell encouraged the children to ‘aim high and reach higher’.

In the Y3/4 Tennis, the team finished 4th in their group. A great result.

Group B Points

1st Newcastle Prep (N) 280

2nd Kings Priory (NT) 279

3rd Benet Biscop (S) 237

4th Stanhope (ST) 180

5th Portabello (S) 157


Semi Finals

Newcastle Prep (N) 77 vs.                                  Kings Priory (NT) 73 vs.

Richard Avenue (S) 38                                       Ravenswood (N) 53



Newcastle Prep (N) 73 vs.

Kings Priory (NT) 53

Mr Rogers

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