Yesterday the children at Stanhope Primary School from Year 1 to Year 6 took part in our annual Sports Day.

The children spent the morning taking part in a variety of different sporting activities. The children were enthusiastic and worked as a team. Every pupils’ results at each of the 6 events counted towards their teams’ overall score.

Following this we had a number of ‘Showcase Races’. Pupils who ran were selected after trials and displayed their wonderful talents.

Race Winners Included:

Y1/2 – Bobby Sharp, Vana Salam, Ryan Smith and Seren Shaw.

Y3/4 – Riley O’Sullivan, Cassie Howard, Khai Scullion and Alexa Reid.

Y5/6 – Marc Shone, Katie Williamson, Kieron Jerry and Maddison Fontaine.

Team Results:

1st Miss Haygarth’s Team 15 points

2nd Mrs Boardman’s Team 18 points

3rd Mrs Barker’s Team 20 points

4th Miss Anglin’s Team 21 points

5th Mrs Wann’s Team 22 points

6th Mrs Wright’s Team 30 points

Erika Judd & Aqib Raja Team Captains of the Winning Team celebrated by lifting the Sports Day Shield aloft.

Well done to all of the children and a big thank you to Mr Rogers for organising the day!


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