CONGRATULATIONS to our SUPERB Athletics team who have been crowned TYNE AND WEAR COUNTY CHAMPIONS!!

I am so proud of the pupils, who have put in so many of hours training for this event. They were exceptional with great relay performances, jumps, throws and team spirit demonstrated throughout each and every event.

We are overjoyed to be the winners and gold medalists. It truly is an amazing achievements for our pupils and school, to have such tremendous success. Not only that, but other schools commented on our friendliness, athletic abilities and sportsmanship which is a delight to hear and see from such wonderful role models. I am bursting with pride and absolutely delighted with this victory.

Well done to the superstars! As I always say – hard work really does pay off!

Congratulations once again!

Mr Rogers

1st Stanhope Primary (South Tyneside)
2nd Kings Priory (North Tyneside)
3rd Gosforth Central Middle (Newcastle)
1st – Lacey β€” Speed Bounce 55 repetitions
1st – Rhianna β€” Standing Triple Jump 6.18m
1st – Rhianna β€” Standing Long Jump 2.04m
1st – Speed Bounce 158
1st – Standing Triple Jump 16.58m (RECORD)
1st – Standing Long Jump 5.64m
1st – Over & Under Relay 1:14.0
1st – Obstacle Relay 1:25.87
1st – 2+2 Lap Relay 55.16
2nd – Robyn β€” Chest Push 6.50m
2nd – Setayesh β€” Speed Bounce 54 repetitions
3rd – Lacey β€” Javelin 15m
3rd – Vertical Jump 114cm
3rd – Javelin 36m
1st – Lucas β€” Javelin 20m
1st – Javelin 57.5m (RECORD)
1st – Speed Bounce 164 repetitions
1st – Over & Under Relay 1:13.25
1st – Obstacle Relay 1:25.1
1st – 2+2 Lap Relay 54.7
2nd – Ari β€” Speed Bounce 57 repetitions
2nd – Vertical Jump 118cm
2nd – 1+1 Lap Relay 27.95
3rd – Standing Long Jump 16.08m